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Tikiboat Packages (based on 65 passenger minimum )

  Package 1 Package 2 Package 3 Package 4
Newport Bay Cruise  (hourly rate included) 3 hr. 3 hr. 3 hr. 3 hr.
Catering (Menus Below)   Appetizers Buffet Buffet
Open Soda, Coffee & Juice Bar Yes Yes Yes Yes
Cash Bar Set Up Fees No Charge No Charge No Charge  No Charge 
Open Well Bar **       Yes
DJ and Dancing Yes Yes Yes Yes
½hr. Pre Departure Boarding Yes Yes Yes Yes
½hr. After Party On Board Yes Yes Yes Yes
All Harbor & Boarding fees Yes Yes Yes Yes
Cleaning fees Yes Yes Yes Yes
Price Per Person $54.00 $62.00 $69.00 $88.00
* Narration Available  ** Premium Well add $10.00 p.p.  

   Please see below for Terms and Conditions 

   TikiBoat Bareboat Rates:

    Daily 9am - 10pm ...................................................$850.00 p/hr   (included in packages- above) 
   City Harbor Taxes  ................... per trip      $200.00 (included in packages- above)

Bareboat rates include Tiki boat crew. You are welcome to provide your own, or we can recommend Catering, Entertainment, Decorations, etc.

Tikiboat is U.S. Coast Guard certified.
Due to A.B.C. regulations all bar services must be supplied by Fun Zone Boat Company.  

Catering - under construction - new menus coming - (949) 673 0240


Tikiboat Buffet Menus
One menu choice included at no extra charge in packages 4 & 5

Due to the temperament of most good caterers, Tikiboat.com reserves the right to substitute menus of equal or greater value 


 TIKIBOAT.COM can also supply custom packages to suit your needs. Please e-mail   us with the size of your group, date, type of event, services   desired.

           Info for all events: 949-673-0240


Contact  Fun Zone Boat Company:
Phone: 949-673-0240
Or E-mail:    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Terms and Conditions

Fun Zone Boat Company Inc., (hereinafter “FZBC”) acknowledges receipt from charterer the amount set forth on the attached Charterer Agreement as a deposit on the Charter of FZBC’s vessel. The date, duration and point of departure of the charter shall be as set forth in the agreement which is incorporated herein by reference.


FZBC agrees to let, and the Charterer agrees to hire, the Vessel for the time set forth herein. FZBC shall exercise due diligence to see that the Vessel at the time and place of commencement of the voyage is in seaworthy condition and reasonably fit for the intended service of carryingguests on the intended voyage. No duties owed or warranties made by FZBC pursuant to this agreement shall benefit third persons, including guest of Charterer carried aboard the Vessel


Charterer’s guests may begin boarding no earlier than 30 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time. The Vessel will return the dock 15 minutes prior to the charters scheduled end time to allow the guests to disembark in a timely fashion. If the guests board the Vessel earlier than 30 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time, overtime charges will be incurred at $200.00 per 15 minutes increments and will automatically be deducted from the security deposit.


Charter fees and quoted prices are determined by current cost information and the number of guests guaranteed by Charterer. FZBC requires the guest guarantee for food and bar seven days in advance of departure time; said guarantee represents the minimum billable charge. A count to determine additional guests will be made at the gangway prior to Vessel departure and must be accepted as final. Charterer will be accordingly responsible for additional guests based on food and beverage charges. Subject to the discretion of the captain and/or coordinator, Charterer may request an extension of the charter at the per hour rate quoted in charter agreement. In the event Charterer cancels charter after having provided the guest guarantee, Charterer will be liable for payment of the full charter charges. FZBC requires for all charters that the balance of the total charter fee is due and payable seven (7) days prior to the departure date, in the form of cash, money order, cashier’s check, certified check, travelers check, credit card or approved company check. Charters booked more than ninety (90) days in advance require a minimum deposit of 50% of the vessel charge to confirm a reservation. Charters booked fewer than ninety (90) days in advance require a deposit of 50% of the total charter cost to confirm a reservation. All deposits must be accompanied by a signed contract.. The balance of the total charter amount is due seven (7) days prior to departure date. Fees for additional guests, as well as for additional services requested while underway, are payable at the end of the charter.


Gratuities for the captain and crew are customary and should be based on the satisfaction with the service received. Suggested crew gratuity is 10% of the vessel charge.


Charterer shall not carry guests in excess of the legal guest limit for the vessel. Student or other groups under 18 years of age must be chaperoned by a reasonable number of agents, facultyor staff members. No pets shall be allowed aboard the vessel. FZBC reserves the right to refuse admittance to the vessel to any agent, guests, servant, or guest of Charterer at its sole discretion.


Charterer shall ensure that alcoholic beverages are consumed only by persons aged twenty-one (21) or older. Charterer agrees that no agent, servant, or guest of the Charterer shall bring alcoholic beverages aboard the Vessel, unless the vessel booked does not obtain a liquor license. FZBC reserves the right to have confiscated all liquor brought aboard the vessel without permission of FZBC. FZBC strictly enforces Coast Guard policy of “zero tolerance”. Charterer hereby agrees that no agent, servant, or guest of Charterer shall bring aboard the Vessel any article of an flammable nature, explosives, firearms, illegal substances, or articles of a dangerous or damaging nature. Charterer shall be liable for all damages resulting therefrom. FZBC reserves the right to have confiscated all such articles brought aboard. Charterer hereby agrees that there will be no form of illegal gambling conducted or permitted aboard the vessel during the term of the charter. No misconduct, possession of unauthorized alcoholic beverages, possession or use of illegal substances, or illegal unauthorized alcoholic beverages, or illegal gambling on the part of the Charterer’s agents, servants, or guests will be tolerated, and an immediate return to the dock and termination of the charter may be ordered by the captain, in which event Charterer shall still be held responsible for full payment of the charter fees.


Charterer shall pay the replacement value of all property and equipment lost or stolen and the cost of repairing all damage to the Vessel, its furnishings, equipment, etc (cost of which will be determined by FZBC alone) , caused by the Charterer or its agents, servants, or guests. FZBC requires a security/damage deposit check of at least $500.00 at the discretion of FZBC prior to departure. Said check will be held by the captain or coordinator and returned to the Charterer at the completion of the charter if no loss or damage to the Vessel, its furnishings, equipment, etc., is caused by the Charterer or its agents, servants or guests. If the security/damage deposit is prepaid, then a refund will be made within ten (10) days of the charter date.


Charterer agrees not to hire or employ any person(s) or corporation(s) to perform services or sell goods aboard the Vessel without FZBC’s consent, which may be withheld at FZBC absolute discretion. Any such person or corporation hired by Charterer must have full liability and worker’s compensation insurance and shall not be considered to be a subcontractor or employee of FZBC. Charterer shall be completely responsible for any liability due to an incident involving any such employee.


Initial deposit submitted directly to Vessel to secure date is non-refundable.


It is agreed that if by reason of fog, peril of the sea, storm, stress of weather, strike, accident, governmental restrictions or regulations, or other similar or dissimilar causes beyond the control of FZBC, or from any cause that the captain may deem good and sufficient, including, without limitation thereto, the prospect of a storm, gale, or hurricane as decided by the captain or FZBC on the basis of official weather forecasts, FZBC shall fail to fulfill this Agreement, such

failure will not be considered a breach of this agreement nor shall FZBC be liable for any damages for such failure. 


The Charterer has the option of decorating the vessel prior to the boarding time of his/her guests. The set up time will be based on availability of the vessel due to prior engagements. The use of glitter, confetti, nails, tacks etc, and tape(on windows) is not permissible for decorating. If damage occurs or excessive cleaning must be done because of the use of these materials, FZBC reserves the right to deduct the appropriate monies from the security/damage deposit.

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